Which Kiwanis Committees?

Who we are:

Kiwanis is the largest and oldest youth service club in the world.

Kiwanis of Northeast Miami-Dade has a proud history of meaningful community service to children since 1957, and founded the Horses and Handicapped, North Miami Beach Water Safety, The World’s Greatest Baby Shower and more. For more than forty years, we’ve run successful Service Leadership Programs in many local elementary, middle and high schools.   

Why we do it:

Positively impact children’s lives.

Attend community events.

Connect and build friendships.

Build leadership skills.

What we do:

Backpack Giveaways

College Scholarships

Dictionaries for Students

Gala Anniversary Dinners

                 … honoring Superstars in Our Community

K-Family Activities

Reading Corners in Laundromats

Reading With Children in Schools

World’s Greatest Baby Showers

Service Leadership Programs in Schools

                        CKI, Key Clubs, Builders Clubs, K-Kids

Express Yourself!  What committee interests you?  We are open for new ideas Serving the Children of the World.  

Fill the form below and / or reach out to Ed Margolis at 305-785-6632 or Jeff Berson at 305-409-7850 or any great Kiwanian.